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HDI Definition: The Human Development Index – Number of high HDI countries per capita as a percentage of the total number of countries in the index. Human development refers to the average standard of living enjoyed by a countrys people, not necessarily to their level of humaneness. The Human Development Index, HDI, is a United Nations development indicator designed to measure progress and well being in a country. The Index measures a nations level of human development based on a variety of criteria, including health, education, income, life expectancy, and standard of living. The scale begins with 0, the lowest level of human development, and goes up to 100, the highest level of human development. Human Development Index definition, Wikipedia, Human development, HD, is a political concept, a social science concept, a social policy concept, and an economic concept. HD is often considered to be a more nuanced concept than per capita income; human development encompasses both. Human development is defined as a societys total well-being. The HDI is a scale between 0 and 1, with 0 representing the most impoverished society and 1 representing the most affluent society. The HDI is intended to assess a countrys performance in the area of human well-being. The Index is intended to assess a countrys human development by comparing it to other countries in the world. How does a man who has never held anything in his hands go from being a small-time crook on the edge of the docks to becoming one of Englands most notorious pirates. How did William Kidd, who had not been to college and had never read a book, become one of the most successful pirates of the 16th century. Why did a small-time burglar and thief from Bristol, England, go on to become one of the most successful pirates of the 16th century. Why did he eventually be found guilty of high treason and executed by the King himself. How Englands Greatest Pirate Became a Prisoner of the British CrownWritten by one of the leading authorities on William Kidds life and career, this gripping book tells the whole story, including how Kidd was discovered by a group of fishermen, taken on board their boat, and ultimately found guilty of treason and executed by the King himself for high treason by burning at the stake. How Kidd was Acquitted in CourtWilliam Kidds story is the subject of this novel which tells the full story of his life from his humble beginnings as a burglar and thief, through his career as one of the great pirates of the 16th century, to his trial and execution at the stake, with the full support of his family. This is a novel with a cast of characters all living in England during the years leading up to his trial, including his wife and children, and after his execution.

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