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The sections on Early Literacy cant, be used to teach before school. You, however, will find additional information about the generations before school. The first thing to keep in mind about these generations is that they come in various ages and that means their needs and behaviors will change as they grow up. For example, while it may be fun to run to the playground every time a small dinosaur-like creature appears, kids in the second and third generations might be happier to learn from a book, so they can enjoy their time together even more. For more information on the different generations, see our website: Your children begin their reading experiences with books called booklets. These booklets can be bought from your community library, but they can also be made at home. You can get creative and learn new skills, or you can follow the instructions below to make your own booklet. BookletsA booklet includes the following items:A coverPages are numbered on the inside of the cover and written on the outsideThe book has a ribbon bookmark or rubber band closureThe booklet is 4 12 inches high by 4 12 inches wide by 6 inches longSome types of booklets have a second sheet, a booklet insert, inside the booklet. Some inserts include:a book about animalsa book about flowersa book with words and phrasesHow to Make a BookletTo make your own booklet, you need:Your own booklet or copy of one that already includes the items above. An older copy of the booklet with the pages torn out may be fine You may use a booklet or a digital copy of a book that already includes the items above. The booklet will likely not be exactly the same as the digital one, but they will be about the same age and will have similar content You should print two copies and take them to a local book printing shop. You can find one near you at:, A laser printer. You can also purchase a printer for this purpose at Amazon. Com Clear tape or rubber adhesive band to hold the pages together and secure the cover to the booklet. You should get your booklet or digital copy of a book that already contains the items above. Print your two copies of your booklet and bring them to a local book printing shop. You can find one near you at: The book printing shop will.

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