Desperate Samsung fans paying DOUBLE for £1,900 Galaxy Fold phone as 'stock runs out'

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SAMSUNG fans are paying as much as £1,900 on top of the new Galaxy Fold smartphone's £1,900 retail price to bag the rare handset.

Just a few thousand models were put up for sale and have since sold out – allowing resellers to charge exorbitant fees for the foldable mobile.

The Galaxy Fold went on sale on September 6, months after the planned April launch.

Its original debut was cancelled after test samples given to gadget reviewers quickly broke apart.

Now Samsung has finally begun selling the half-phone, half-tablet – made possible thanks to unique foldable design.

And gadget fans are paying hundreds and even thousands of pounds over the odds for the £1,900 device.

The Sun uncovered two completed eBay sales for the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the 48 hours, both of which went for £2,595.

One was completed on September 18 and the other on September 19.

The highest completed sale on eBay was on September 17, for the ludicrously high price of £3,836.30.

Another Galaxy Fold was sold that same day for £3,250.

A recent Forbes report revealed similar findings: Hong Kong resellers are flogging important Galaxy Fold units for HK$38,000 – around £3,890.

Reports suggest that just 4,000 units were released for sale in South Korea.

It's claimed that 3,000 of those were available from Samsung directly, while a further 1,000 were given to mobile networks.

That's a tiny number of phones, when you consider that top Samsung and Apple blowers usually sell in the millions.

But Samsung's Galaxy Fold was plagued with problems ahead of release.

It's also very expensive and relatively bizarre as smartphones go, so demand looks likely to be lower than for traditional smartphones.

Samsung has previously predicted that as many as 1million Galaxy Folds will eventually be sold after a global release.

But no Galaxy Fold units are available to buy from Samsung in the UK yet.

A brief timeline of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Here’s all the major things to happen in the controversial phone’s history so far…

  • On May 12 2011, South Korea’s Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology annonced that some of its researchers had created a folding smartphone prototype
  • On May 2 2012, Samsung filed a patent application for its folding smart phone design
  • In May 2013, Samsung tried to patent its folding phone screen idea
  • In November 2013, Samsung announced that it would be bringing folding display devices to the market
  • In spring 2016, Samsung was finally working on what we now refer to as the Galaxy Fold
  • In Otober 2018, Samsung finally confirmed that its foldable phone was on the way
  • On February 20 2019, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold with a staggering £1,900 price tag
  • On April 15 2019, Samsung started letting high profile technology journalists use the phone but by April 17 lots of them were already complaining about the screen breaking or not working
  • On April 22 2019, Samsung had to announce that it was postponing the Samsung Galaxy Fold's release so that it could address and fix ongoing issues with the folding screen
  • On September 6, 2019, Samsung started selling the Galaxy Fold in the UK

Samsung unveiled the folding tablet-phone in February, with a view to start selling it in April.

But journalists reviewing the device noticed that the screen stopped working, while others broke the device completely by accidentally removing a screen protector.

As a result, Samsung cancelled the launch and refunded customer pre-orders – without confirming a new release date for the device.

Several journalists removed the "screen shield" from the device, assuming it was a standard screen protector.

However, this was an integral part of the display and broke it – which is a major problem.

Now Samsung has allegedly tucked the "screen shield" into the phone's body to prevent this from happening.

Another problem was that the hinge that allowed the Galaxy Fold to flip open was quite large.

This allowed dust and other particles to enter, potentially damaging the display.

Samsung has reportedly shrank the gap in a bid to minimise this problem.



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