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Re going to put your faith in some random robot vacuum and mop. Re very busy, you have important things to attend to, well more important than cleaning robots. Ll clean your room, and I will do it quickly. Ll do it in the privacy of your room in the dark. M not skilled enough to clean it myself. S fine too, but it will be at my own time, not yours. Ll be there and I look forward to cleaning your room for you. I look forward to cleaning the mess you made. S best to move on from this robot cleaning service. You say and leave the room without doing anything. So you start your own cleaning robot company. Ve built a few robots in your garage. Ve got a lot of work to do and maybe this is the life for you. You decide to go on a hiring binge to make your company as profitable as possible in the shortest amount of time. You hire a lot of people, but it isn.

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