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You didnt expect to have to lie to an audience like this, but you knew youd never be able to tell them where your real home was unless they were willing to give you something in return. They wouldnt have thought more of you if you had told them, and so you let them believe that you were a normal college kid. You know theyre going to say you were lying when they find the secret panel, that it wouldve been obvious that it was your basement, but you cant stop yourself from smiling. You hope theyre happy with the place where you grew up, because that was a hell of a lot better than what you thought you were destined for, especially after you got sick of living in your moms basement. But the reality is you never expected to go back home anymore. You dont even know how you ended up in this town. It seems like youve done everything, from the bottom of the earth up to the top of the world, and youve been doing it for a very long time.

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