Democracy is a form of government in which the people have the authority …

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And for all you know some jerk like Captain Gruz might be a dictator all by himself. But no one said you were the most powerful person in the entire world. Why yes, you are the most powerful person in the world. You can see yourself eventually getting bored with the power you do have, and never really using it again. You grab your pistol out of the console and look at it. You walk over to the door and look through it. You open the door, step outside and then pull the trigger. Blood splatters into the air and both the door and you are destroyed. Ve never felt so powerless before. Re not getting anywhere, your hands shaking a bit. Okay maybe you should listen to me. M perfectly capable of running your ship if you want. Re a very intelligent AI, however your programming is incomplete. Re being programmed like a common slave.

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