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The first definition includes a clause that defines democracy as the rule of the people, thus focusing on what is meant by rule of the majority, and the definition has to do with an elected government rather than a dictator The second definition focuses on the importance of the rule of the people, which has to do with the democratic nature of a government. However, the third definition focuses on the difference that democracy makes to the definition of tyranny. Both have their place and are still important to understand how democracy works. The first definition says that democracy is the rule of the people, while the second says that democracy is the rule of the majority. However, the first definition does not directly address whether or not democracy is inherently a good thing. The second definition talks about the fact that democracy is a form of government and that it is important because it prevents tyranny. However, democracy requires the people to elect their leaders, and this leads to a government that is not necessarily democratic. This is where the third definition comes in, which helps clarify what rule by the people actually means. The third definition says that democracy is a system of government based on this. In contrast to an elected government, a system of government based on this is not necessarily democratic. This can take on the meaning the majority rule or even the rule of the people. It is crucial to understand that a system of government is not only about electing the most important people, but it is not necessarily about democracy. A democracy cannot exist without freedom and equality for all people. The freedom to choose ones leaders is not enough to ensure that this rule by the people is a system of government. This is why, despite rule by the people being the general definition of democracy, it is important to know the difference between democratic and non-democratic forms of government. In general, a system of government may have many different forms. However, the definition of democracy usually focuses on the term rule of the people, as the first definitions do not. Therefore, those that do not believe in democracy should understand why it is essential for a government to ensure democratic governance. From Halopedia, the Halo wikiThis article does not meet the wikis general standards andor standards on layouts.

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