Demobilization definition, to disband, troops, an army, etc…

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Hes more or less useless now, as your only chance at the future is to join the government force. The future is not yet decided, but your brother is a person you dont think youll be able to leave alone. You decide to go along the route where the soldiers seem to be getting the least attention. Re followed in silence for a couple of hours by a few of soldiers. There are a lot of soldiers patrolling along the streets, and all the soldiers except you are wearing armour. The soldiers are also armed and ready to fight every time the situation calls for. Ll find some place from which to move on my own. As you think about the worst case scenario, another soldier near you speaks up. The place we were heading to is getting raided by a lot of the orcs. Who knows what the fuck is going on around here right now. Ve got more than enough to deal with if the whole place is overrun. Ll have a little more room to maneuver if we stay here.

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