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Demand-pull inflation cannot exert a monetary force. Demand-pull inflation is an evolutionary movement, the result of an incremental increase inIt is very hard to prove or disprove the existence of demand-pull inflation as a theory. Some people may be skeptical, but I know that it has been used by many economists and others. I do not want to give more examples of it, but it is real. Now, imagine that demand for Stuff went up. Well, they would need to raise prices. But they also would need to pay a lot more workers to make more stuff, so that is another part of rising prices. In economics, demand-pull inflation is a consequence of the inflation tax. A tax of inflation a lot of money added to demand in the form of higher prices. And higher prices – more money added to demand. How might this type of inflation work inside a company that has been hit hard by the crash. Well, companies that are very large and have a lot of cash to spend on their new inventory go to the big shopping mall and buy all the stuff they were planning to buy. Those companies that have been hit hardest by the crash are those with a lot of capital and big inventory. They are very likely to have bought all the stuff they planned to buy all at once, and then they are going to pull it all at once. Now, companies that buy this new inventory at once, in a big shopping mall, will have this new inventory that they are using to raise their prices and raise their labor costs. So they raise their prices and are going to raise their wages, and, of course, they will have less stuff. Now, when the new, lower-priced goods arrive at the smaller stores, we can see all of this happening. The smaller stores get hit hard, but they also get hit hard by this massive inflationary tax. They cannot sell the small amount of stuff they previously had to sell to the big stores, which will now be raising their prices dramatically. They are now getting hit with a high tax on inflation, so they cant lower prices. This will drive a huge demand for new inventory, which will drive up prices of all the new stuff in the mall and will drive prices of the remaining stuff up. Bigger companies are now hit hard, but, if one big company is hit hard, others will follow to take their share of that hit.

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