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Com The term industry or profession is used to describe a group of similar activities performed by a single actor or person. So, Industry Is a common term for any group of activities performed by any actor or person, for example, industries producing foodThe industry or profession This word was used previously by the dictionary editors as a synonym for industry, but many of the definitions were misleading, and it has now been changed in the dictionary so that it denotes one of the following:a. The process of manufacturing goods, as by the processes of making, casting, mixing, cutting, shaping, and so on. The practice of doing work, or the act of doing work. You can see that the dictionary editors definitions are quite clear and precise, yet very much not common in the world of video games. They do not have the use of any scientific or technical terms for the industry or profession, and they do not provide any examples for their definitions. What does a definition like this mean for the video game industry. What the definition means in the context of the video game industryIn a general sense, it means that the dictionary editors are stating that industry and profession are interchangeable in the context of the video game industry. This certainly fits in with the general meaning of this definition, namely that industry is used to refer to groups of similar activities, whereas profession refers to a single professional activity performed by a single person. That said, the dictionary editors do not provide any examples to support their explanation of the term industry or profession. Therefore, while the idea that industry is interchangeable with profession certainly fits the dictionary definition, there is no actual proof to support this. Another problem is that in this definition, the term industry has been used before with different meanings, but the meanings have not been included by the dictionary editors as examples of their definition of industry or profession. For example, the first meaning of industry mentioned by the dictionary is the manufacturing of goods and the profession of working in that industry, which clearly fits the basic meaning of the term industry as described by the dictionary editors. Therefore, it does not seem to make sense to include another meaning as part of the definition of industry. Another problem with the second meaning is that the dictionary editors do not provide an example of this meaning as well. The definition of Industry The definition of Industry, as you might expect, is also the most precise one. However, since this definition is also the most broad, it also seems to have some of the least examples, though it still provides no examples at all. In this definition, it makes sense to include the definition of invent, in addition to the definition of industry.

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