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Youre not even looking at her anymore. T even explain all of my fetish stuff. T want to know every single weird fetish you have. Okay, sure, but I have something in common with you. M not sure how you can go on like you are about this topic for so long. Ve been keeping this taboo information from me because you feel guilty about being a bit of a leech on society due to your genetic predisposition.

You use your innate capabilitiesYou need to remember. As you see the sun slowly rise from the East of the mountains, you slowly open your eyes. S much more red and it feels like someone has turned on the light outside. S a lot colder than it was before you woke up. S night, and you feel like your whole body is frozen. Ve told this to a ranger before you fell asleep. S one nearby; which begs the question: who is there right now. You begin to shake your head and your body begins to shake. You start to get a headache and your vision is starting to blur. You try calling out for someone, but you have no idea where to start. A deep, resonant voice answers and a man of average height and build is standing in front of you. Re filled with a strong will and determination that he will not let you die in this state. He holds a pistol in one hand and there are no other living beings anywhere near you. He says and shoots you in the chest, causing you to collapse to the ground.

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