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You dont careNo, you dont care what her opinion of you. If thats all youre supposed to care about, you would care less now. Theres no point in it, and if your life depended on it, you wouldnt. As long as youve got your life, youll care less. You dont have time for what you thought that you thought was important. Youre a good person doing a good thing. Youre doing what you should be doing to help people. Theres no reason to be concerned with the opinion of anyone else. And so you let out a long sigh and close your eyes, letting the pain go. When you awake the next day, youre surprised to see Samantha at your door, looking somewhat disheveled. You nod, taking a seat on the edge of your bed. You want something to eat or just a shower. You nod again and she leads the way to your bathroom, not even bothering to lock the door. Her voice is small, but you know its a definite improvement from the first night. She lets out a yawn and sits down on the toilet, stretching her arms up before folding her arms in her lap. She stares at the wall behind the toilet, as you notice her fingernails have gone completely black. You shake your head in response to her question, your face turning slightly red. Come on, lets get you undressed and get your shower on. You lean back in your chair as she stands from the toilet. She runs forward, grabbing your hands and pulling you backward and onto the floor in the shower. Lets see you changed into these gorgeous panties. You start to wiggle your hips as you stare at her body, which is now completely covered in black nail polish. She looks down at you with a smile and starts to undress, and soon your shirt is off and your shorts are gone. The shower turns on and you watch her walk slowly to the bed. She kisses you quickly and presses forward to put her arms around your neck. She starts to pull you face to face towards her as she presses her lips to yours and nips at your earlobe.

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