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You look at the door and you decide that its a good time to leave. You grab your bag and head out the door. It doesnt look too big and it isnt in any danger of being attacked. You walk around the side of the warehouse and eventually you see your destination. You get out your bag and see that you have some supplies you bought from a drug store. Most of them are pills and powders that you would take for mental health reasons, but you have some water bottles in case you need to refill them on the way in. You look inside and see a group of four girls in front of a large metal machine. You can tell that they are one of the girls from the way they are dressed; they look like they live in a high societys home, rather than a whorehouse. You see an old man in a lab coat standing next to one of them. The girl is still in a white nightdress, but the man has changed. A beard grows from his chin as he talks to the girl; you can see he has a lab coat on. It looks like she wants to talk, but she doesnt know how to talk to you. What brings you here if the Factory doesnt accept new members. Is there a reason that you dont want me here. Im not trying to steal a free ride, I just need to get by, and its not like I have a car. You must have a car, you are just the type to be able to afford one. Okay, just let me get my keys from my bag and Ill get you ready. He says and walks up to his next visitor. You look back and forth from the girl to the man before opening the door. You grab your bag, look into your bag and grab your keys. You walk inside and the girl walks out.

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