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Ont plusieurs cities nous sont entendus. Cette de vite vous a partir de la venue des gens. You noirYoure sure to get a lot of attention with that one. You start the car and the engine turns over. You step out of the limo and into the parking lot. The door opens, giving you access to the main hall. A man sits behind a desk with a computer to his left, a telephone to his right and a stack of papers to his left. On the wall is a monitor with video and pictures of a city in the distance. Yes, but its going to need a few minutes. He is easily recognized as John, the owner of the car and the driver. What can we do for you, my friend. We are looking for a place to live for two weeks. He stares at you for a moment, his eyes boring into you. Let me drive you and your friends to Montreal. Its the nearest city and its all we can afford. You need to get some help to get there or take some with you. You dont want to drive across country alone. We will provide food, drink, the hotel and everything else you might need. The man hangs up and turns to you and John. He takes one of your hands and points to the vehicle. You nod and walk into the office, where several documents were placed on a desk. The computer is in the same spot, along with the phone and the papers. A few people are seated around the computer and the man sits down.

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