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Ive already experienced the pain, and it isnt going away. I have no hope that I wont experience more pain when I die. You tell him no, youre not going to help him anymoreYou dont tell him youre not going to help him anymore. You tell him youre going to head back to your room to sleep. After the door closed between you and him, he says nothing else. Youre not going to leave your home by yourself. Youre not going to leave your room. Youre not going to leave the room youre sleeping in. Thats your life now, and you had to make a choice. He goes back to sleep and he doesnt get up until the morning. He doesnt bother speaking to you anymore. You go to the nearby market and buy some new clothes for yourself and for the two of you to try to get by for a while. You spend the rest of the day, and the next, looking for a job. You go back to your room and turn off the light before you fall asleep. Your room is cold, so much so that it hurts to move even if your arms and legs dont hurt. Youre covered in sweat, and you find if that you dont need to use the light to read a book. Youre glad you dont feel lonely when you take off your bed sheets, because you cant sleep, and theres a lot of the sheets in one large pile in the floor near the bed. You feel like youve already seen everything. In a month, youre still going to see everything, but theres so much to absorb. Its still a shock, and whats more is that its all happening so fast. You can barely keep up with all the things youve experienced already. Youve been so sick for so long that youre not sure how you ever function anymore in the first place. Maybe youre going to have to drop out of school, you dont know. You study at the universityYou head to the university, which doesnt take much convincing on your part. Even though youre a high schooler, it seems like its high time to be going there. You cant believe youre finally doing this. Its a few days later when you enter your new college. The whole place should have been in ruins, but it instead is just as it should be.

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