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RAW Paste DataThere are no wrong answers here. Im not here to judge you for your past or to tell you what the right thing to be is or to even give you a definition for anything. But when I see someone that expresses a paradox by using the word paradox and when I see a definition that is completely self-contradictory, I become curious and I always ask where these words come from. And then I realize that what I do is nothing more then a form of censorship. The fact that I even have to define what is wrong and the fact that I have to ask questions at all, suggests to me that it is something that should not be done. However it is something that I must define because its something that has to be done. The way you are doing it indicates what type of person you are, what kind of person you want to be, what type of person you are. My definition of what is wrong is something that has to do with what is not right and nothing more. Its obvious that your definition, is something that has to do with what is wrong. However, the fact that you are being forced to define the most fundamental aspects of your being, with a word that has no definition, makes me doubt your intentions. It also makes me think that you want to censor or change what I am saying, as I have done to you. As such, I cannot really take you seriously. Im not here to tell you what to be or what to think. A paradox is nothing more than a contradiction, as I said. So, paradox is when you say one thing and mean another. Like when an individual says that this picture is black and this picture is white, that one person means that a picture is black and the other person means that a picture is white. Therefore, if you take a picture and you say that black is not white, then you are creating a contradiction. When I see someone who is willing to speak about paradox, I then see someone who is very confused. They do not know what to say, what to think and are often not even sure of what they want to say. The fact that they are so indecisive, shows that they are trying to express something. They want to express something, but they know that.

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