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Do you even realize what you have done. You have given the media a useful useful useful commentary on. You are a useful useful useful commentary when people want a useful commentary on. You have become a useful useful useful useful useful discussion topic. I hope you were watching the news or were already aware of what Donald Trump said about Barack Hussein Obama in 2009. If he were from Kenya, hed say the same thing. You look at what I did in 08, just so you understand, we could have lost this country. Now I know we disagree on a lot of things, but your opinion matters. Well maybe not in the future, but I could use your help as an independent commentator. Now I have no desire to make any kind of political comment as this is strictly independent commentary. You can either continue to ignore me as I go about my business and let those with an agenda to use me against Donald Trump, or you can support an independent voice. You can continue to ignore me and just enjoy the show as an independent commentator. Youre a moron for following me in the first place. The people in the crowd start to leave, many looking at you with disgust and disappointment. As they leave I say one last thing. So, have a nice life, whatever it is you do. My mother was a whore and she lived her life in the dirt before the Lord saved her, that is why she is a whore. The crowd roars, one of the men in the crowd with a shotgun aiming directly at your head with his finger on the trigger, yelling at the top of his lungs. You refuse to be used as a political weaponYou start screaming at the top of your lungs and running from the rally. You left the rally feeling slightly better about Trumps chances, youre just not sure how much. You dont believe in God, but youre not sure if YOU believe in a God. It will probably all come back to me again, but I doubt it. You just wish you didnt have to support.

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