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You are not really hungry as you are just going to a place where you know you are going to get something to eat right. Then again, you did get sick so that also might be a factor. At a distance, you can see a billboard advertising a place that might be a good place to find food.

Ah, something to replace the one that got damaged. A book here, a clock there, some trinkets here and there, but theres not enough for everyone. You cant find anything decent to replace it with. S a bit of a shock to you, as you still consider this as a possibility. T like you are in dire need of money right now. Sure, you may sell a few of the things you can no longer afford to keep, and even the junk that you do keep, you may even make a small profit on it. S not as if the merchant is an asshole, he just wants to make a profit. You just feel an even stronger pull. Your eyes are suddenly opened, as you are forced awake by the strong pull of the moonlight. You find yourself lying in a room, which is lit by a flickering candle. The room is a bit dim, and somewhat cluttered considering most of the items are on tables somewhere. However, you do see a lamp on a stand beside a chair in the center of the room. Before you, a person is sitting in the chair with a lamp in his hand and not in any mood to be disturbed. He notices you staring at him, and then looks up at you. I came here to visit one of my old friends. S been missing ever since we were all sent to the academy. Ve been sleeping here for a while then. T really had a reason to change much do you. You follow him, and you walk through the dimly lit rooms until you find a more secluded corner where you sit down and lean your head against the.

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