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The definition of distribute could be for anything including different parts of a thing. Distribute is a common way for divide and give out in shares. In the coming years, the numbers of migrants will increase due to rising inequality and climate change. As the number of those wanting to enter the country continues to increase, the number of those allowed to enter will decline. 3 million immigrants and refugees in the country, of which 1. By the end of the year, we can expect the number of immigrants in the country to have doubled. Currently, about 8,000 new immigrants arrived or been allowed to enter every month. Many of these immigrants are people who will never come and will stay for decades. They are coming for the low wage, the long hours, and lack of social benefits. Some of them come to Canada only to work and support others who came before them. These people are the ones who will keep pushing the wages down and working hours up. The problem is that the people who immigrate, and stay in Canada, are mostly from the developing world. They are also the ones who are the hardest hit by the change in economic climate. They are the ones who are most vulnerable to the change in jobs, the minimum wage is the same everywhere social services, and housing prices. They are the ones who have to be pushed out to make room for the immigrants coming in from the Western world and the rest of the Middle-EasternNorth African world who are more affluent. These immigrants are often very poor, they have few assets left to them and they are mostly unable to speak, read or write English. They may have difficulty in finding employment or may not be able to adjust to the work and lifestyle. They are also at the bottom of the pile on the social welfare food chain, which puts them at.

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