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You can see your USD going to CAD at the bottom of the window, and at least you can see-it. You have completed an easy task with relative accuracy. You begin to wonder what this means for your future, and you begin to think of all the things that you are doing. You think about your future job at the hospital, and its expected that in the next few months you will need to work this task out. You decide to go back to the hospitals HR department and see if they could help you out with a job as a cashier. You decide to buy a bigger bag so that you can take more things with you. You decide to make arrangements with other Canadians who might be willing to help. You decide that you should leave Canada and head to Miami to get some jobs there. You decide you should also get a bus ticket to the US border and get in the front of the line, so that as soon as you get there you can go on the first plane out of Canada. You are going to live in Miami with your sister for a time. Your life thus far has not been without its difficulties however. The currency exchange is not quite as accurate as you like, or the exchange rate is wrong. But you can make it through the day, and the next, and the next, and the next. You spend an afternoon in a friends living room. The friend is a good and kind man, a kind of guy whom you have liked for a long time. The friend has just given you some of the gift he gave his wife a year ago. You ought to have one of your own, I got to see it today. I think we have a used one that we might be able to sell you. The car is a Ford Ranger that you have seen a couple of times in your life. You know it is the year and make, but you cannot tell you exactly what year and make the car is. We could go down to the car lot in an hour. We might want to get a brand new one this time, too. There is a short pause while the friend looks at you, and at.

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