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The definition you have given, and the definition your companion was going to give are similar. The only difference is, that your definition is less specific. Still, the two of you still agree on that the person has to have a disease, although one of them might be a little more broad on that. It only seems that after having the conversation, your description of your companion did have the desired effect. After a week has passed of watching her condition, you notice she has lost a lot of weight, her skin is yellow and cracked, and she is very pale. After going to visit her in the hospital, you discover that she has developed a serious case of skin cancer. The tumor was never found during an earlier test. You try to come up with a reason for her not being in the hospital, but your thought does not seem to have a common ground with hers. I guess there is no saving her now. The hospital is a place you do not go often, so there is no time to look for a suitable room here at the hospital, because you only have so much money and it is not enough to just buy an apartment. As far as your mind is concerned, though, it is the best place you can think of. The hospital can be seen from your door, and you can walk there whenever you feel like it. You must pay for this, for this is no longer an expense to you. It is your responsibility to save lives, and this is an important one. You must stop feeling guilty about not being able to save your companions life. Now, you realize that you can have a real conversation with your companion. The only thing you are lacking is a way of doing this other than going to the hospital. The robot that had been talking to you earlier in the year has been replaced by a human one. Yes, there will be time to go into some of your life story shortly, but there are two things I need to know first.

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