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You I see that youre not really fond of it, but we need something that willkeep you busy and thats the idea. Daniella The script for Once Upon a Time is one of the best things thatIve ever read. Daniella In fact, I believe that we should start filming soon. What age group do you think would bestwork for this. – Daniella Thats what I thought, so if you think youd be the best age and wewill probably need some older people just like the originalscene where we used to spend time together in the old neighborhood, Im going to need you all to attend a gathering in the old neighborhood as a sign of our good friendship. Daniellapick has accepted the fact that she doesnt need to do anything she doesnt want to do and that shell be fine working a low-paying job and going to a low-paying job. Daniella Daniella has accepted that her mothers death was her fault, and now she has become a responsible person, and shes willing to do whatever is necessary to make this film a success. If you want to help out, then now would be the best time to do so as the extra is not expensive and youll still be paid. Youll still be paid as well as any other extra who attends the event. You go and help outIts a good thing you are a good person, because the extra needs to be good as well. You get up from your chair and go to Daniellas. You see she is just going about her business. You dont think you can help her out, so you cant just sit around and wait for her to do everything by herself. You quickly get a feel for the location and make your way here. You hurry to the gatheringYou are in no mood to wait and your own job is coming up in a few hours. If you didnt want to be in the company of Daniella, youd still say no to the gathering. You hurry to the gathering, with no more words than you did with Daniella. The gathering works out, because within an hour, you see people coming to the gathering. They all seem to have their own personal stuff, but they have all gathered to talk with Daniella. Daniella is friendly and makes you feel like you two are a team, so thats all good. Daniella shows you around the neighborhood her family calls home and the.

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