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He was a prominent actor and his actorial style was comedic, even coquetistic. After career Craig opened a local restaurant in Sunderland, U. His favorite food was chicken and his favorite entertainment event, was concerts. You let Craig be in the storyIt isnt as if Im going to kill a guy just because hes got a weird name. Sure, but I expect you to follow my rules. Craig shrugs and heads into the back to wait. You have a couple minutes to kill before your friends return. Okay, I think theyre done playing games, you say, setting down your bag. Yeah, we should head out to that place, Emma says. I was thinking we could all just go to a bar and talk there. The bar sounds nice, but its a little too far to walk, Roger says. Ill get us there, Roger suggests. You agreeYeah, lets go, you agree. Just let Matt and Roger watch this adventure. You guys go ahead and make the plan. Okay, but I need to find Matt, Emma says. They follow your plan and head out, leaving you alone at the table. The rest of the night is spent watching a movie youve never seen before in the back of an old car, before Matt and Roger find you. S about a man who goes on a quest for the Stone of Vul-Kar. You watch with a blank expression; you dont recognize the movie. You look down and try to find something, anything that belongs to you. The car belongs to Roger, but the movie is new to you. We dont want to disturb the movie anymore than we have to. M saying that we need to turn this one down a little bit.

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