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As they re both victims of sex forYour job is to give a quick and dirty tour of the place and tell them what youve found. S a sight that will no doubt draw the attention of the local folk. Glad you could make it, our boss has work to do. Re opening up a new branch in Delantium. M glad you have a positive outlook on your work environment. So is it just you or are you running all these operations out here anyway. The guard at the door slowly walks away when he sees you. Ll all be sure to miss you too. You head to the back room, where a couple of guardsmen are checking and cleaning some old documents before heading into the main part of the shop, which is a lot more open and flashy than the last time you were here. Well I just wanted to let you know I see you. S sort of unusual seeing a regular man with clothes so clean looking and you too.

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