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T a big sports fan, but what can you do. And finally, the New York Times gives an exclusive story about the alleged cannibalistic cult which rules the city. The only thing that really intrigues you about the report is the line right off the top. The City of the Dead has been ruled by a cannibalistic cult who have gained power via ritual sacrifice. The cult has been ruling for a century now and the population of the city has steadily declined, but the current ruling group is said to have begun sacrificing people to their god years ago. S not very well-guarded, as their ritual victims are easily obtained by any passerby. The news cuts back and forth between the story on the city of the dead and the cult. You say, realizing that the news reports are trying to confuse you. The city of the dead is now being ruled by a group known as the Doomed. It begins to say, before you cut them off. Your eyes blink open and widen in shock. You know those freaks roaming the sewers. Re fucking insane, of course, but no matter. This whole city is full of them, maybe I should go look for them. You stand up, and stretch, before heading down the stairs. You turn on your flashlight, which is surprisingly still working. You step into the darkness as you begin exploring the darkened spaces of the house. You search for a few minutes, searching for the source of the noises, before you find a small opening in the wall.

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