Dad out with baby slams 'selfish' BMW driver parking on pavement – who do YOU think is in right?

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A DAD sparked a fierce debate after posting a picture of a BMW parked across the pavement.

The driver had positioned their vehicle right next to their fence in order to reach the electric charging cable.

But the dad, who spotted the gaffe while out for a walk with his baby in Cardiff, Wales, slammed the driver.

Taking to Twitter he wrote: "Genuinely staggered to come across this on a walk with the baby.

"Since the 1900s we’ve given so much space over to petrol cars. We can’t allow the small pockets left for people to be given over to electric cars."

Alongside the tweet he posted a snap showing the large black vehicle positioned in the middle of the pavement on the residential street.

There is a gap of just a few inches between the car and the front garden wall.

A charging cable can be seen snaking through a bush and looped over the wall.

The controversial parking method sparked a furious debate on Twitter.

Gift shop I Loves The Diff wrote: "Crazy. If you can afford that car, you can afford a longer cable. (And a guard to protect pedestrians walking over it.)"

Tweeting under an account for Go Media, another user added: "I'd say unbelievable, but it's totally believable.

"And until they get their Council Tax subsidised charging stations on every street, they'll just hold the pavement hostage. Prams and wheelchair users be damned."

Geoff Clifton said: "It needs to be nipped in the bud, or national trip hazards will become the norm."

Jo Johnston said: "Why is no one talking about that we just don’t have the infrastructure for us all to have electric cars?

"I don’t have a drive, which isn’t that unusual. Many people live in flats/apartments. How is it suppose to practically work?"

Martin Hayman fumed: "This just won't do. It's obstructing the footway with a vehicle – its mode of propulsion does not change that."

Bill Harvey added: "If you want to connect to the house give up your garden don't ask me to give up the footpath."

Martin Gillie joked: "Would it be childish to unplug it?" to which the original poster replied: "I’m a new Dad so learning what is and isn’t grown up behaviour.

"I can make some mistakes…"

Phil Slator jibed: "Presumably he had a petrol pump in his front garden before he bought that electric car?"

Daniel Seargent added: "I reckon I could get a pushchair between the wall and the brand new, shiny BMW," alongside a snap of a scuffed-up car door.

And Alice Victoria pointed out: "There is literally a charging point on the other end of Maindy road which has two spaces."

Another user, Matt Smith, added: "And if you go a little bit further, there's even faster ones all over the Civic Centre. Literally no excuse for this."

But others sprang to the BMW owner's defence.

Dr Nick Bailey said: "I get it's annoying, but that is a pretty wide pavement.

"I notice the car deliberately parked very close to wall to give max space on other side and to avoid a trip hazard cable."

The doc pointed out there is plenty of room to walk around the other side of the car on the wide pavement.

But Ellie pointed out: "All the people saying there’s room to go around, this is irrelevant. The pavement is there for all users.

"My partner is blind. He could damage his cane bumping into this car and then he would have difficulties getting around at all."

It comes after the Prime Minister last week announced thousands of charging points for the more eco-friendly vehicles are to be installed at shops, homes and offices throughout the UK.

Boris Johnson has announced the plans for electric cars at the Confederation for British Industry (CBI) annual conference.

The new plans will see up to 145,000 new charge points installed across England each year, with motorists being able to use them at home, supermarkets and workplaces.

Under the initiative, charging points will be installed in new-build homes, making it easier for drivers to charge their cars.

Building regulations will require developers to install electric charging points on new properties from next year.

The Government plan to stop the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. 

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