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E 98 84557 Frankfurt am Airport. M 89 859: Frankfurt am Airport. T, E28: Bavarian Capital Frankfurt am Airport. You type the information about the town, as well as the date youre looking for. You press the enter key, and the screen turns black: Enter and a menu appears. Its a lot like the one in the game, but with a few more options. If you choose the second option, The one below the All button, it brings up a list of all the towns youve visited. Your selection of the name of the town isnt the main part of the menu you saw when you typed in the name, but rather an option to change the name of the world map:Name Of MapWorldWhile thats a more or less arbitrary choice, you can see that the first option on the list changes which world map image you see. For the first selection, simply choose the one featuring the logo for the town, but press the play button when youre done choosing. A team of archaeologists from the University of Texas at Austin has found what could be the earliest evidence of the use of iron weapons in Mesoamerica. The discovery is in a series of trenches and pits that were dug more than 3,000 years ago at the site of Oaxaca, in the Nahuatl language region of Mexico. The archaeologists found artifacts that they believe include iron tools, as well as metal blades and pieces of plate armor, among other things. Daniela Velazquez, from the School of Behavioral and Social Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin, and her colleagues say they do not know if the artifacts are pre-Columbian or if theyre from the New World, but the researchers believe that they constitute.

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