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From another: It is now the business of the Ministry to improve the business and business relations of the various provinces. We can see that your provinces are suffering from a great deal of unrest. In my own province I am afraid to walk around in the streets. Another from within the army: I am a soldier in the army. Any soldier found to be harboring traitors will be shot on the spot. A third soldier: My name is General Brandenburg and.

You are so good-natured and pleasantI like you too, dont you. I think if you ever get married, then there is a real opportunityThen who is your husband. Sigh, I dont really want to talk about it, though I do need to get back to my job. So um, would it be wrong if I left now. Its just I really like you too much. I mean Id like to, but there isnt really time. I dont think so softly choked upitll probably have to be someplace private. Is there a particular building you want to go together. Oh, no no no no no. You dont need to make a big deal out of it. Just let me take the tram somewhere really far away then softly, Ill be right there waiting, I swear softly, Ill be there softly sobbing, – A little later. You need to just fuck off now. I know you love me too, you know. I love you and I always will, Im sorry I made it all so awkward, Ill get over it and we can be together again some day. Ill leave you, if you just stop that now. Sigh, Fine, fine, Ill think about it and come back Sigh, Fine. You go back to work and your day will be fine, and Ill Sigh, It doesnt matter anymore. The only thing I want is you Sigh, The only thing I need is you. You go back to your job and your day will be fine, and Ill get over you, and Sigh, You go back to your work and your day will be fine, and Ill get over you Sigh, You.

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