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My heart rate was high, I had my palms itching for my phone and I couldnt get the damn thing out of my pants. So, in an effort for me to get my shit done, I asked for a discount on the meal. I was told that the food would definitely be ready to go when I arrived at the hotel, since it was a bit early for me to be eating with the other attendees. Some guy in a business suit entered the room and said We are going to be finishing up soon, so I would appreciate you to come out right now. I sat down and waited while the guy told me how this would all go down, it wasnt too much of a long story Some of the other attendees got ready for the presentation too, but they were all quick changes so I didnt feel like waiting. After several minutes, the man who came to take me to the next section of the meeting finally came out Alright, let me tell you the story of how this company was formed. What kind of company has been around for a long time and how the market has changed. This is what the company is all about:The story of how Blue Apron was foundedAbout a year ago, there was a man named Tom DeLonge who discovered something. In fact, he had found a way to bring back memories from the past. What he had found was an alien spacecraft that had crashed in the desert. It had also been crashed on another planet. He took this strange find and contacted his contacts and the rest is just history. DeLonge is convinced that an alliance between humans and aliens is the most important thing that will ever happen in this world. He believes that this alliance will make it possible for his company, Blue Apron to thrive and bring about positive changes in the world. As far as business goes, he believes that it is all about making peoples lives better every day. He also believes that he will be able to achieve.

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