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The Latest News for:Winnipeg, MB, CanadaWeather WinnipegTodayPartly cloudy. TonightCloudy this evening then becoming mostly cloudy after midnight. The New Orleans Saints have been on the market for their backup quarterback position for a long time. They had to pay Brett Favre too much money and he didnt like it at all. Hes also been the only option the Saints have had since Drew Bledsoe went down with an injury. The Saints currently have the seventh pick in the NFL draft. They will have to move up to get somebody, but the most likely candidate is North Carolinas Marquise Williams. Hes shown a lot of arm strength, but is he an accurate passer. Thats the question the Saints want to find out. Williams has had some questions about his ability to make the smart decision under pressure. He hasnt been tested like Cam Newton has on the field or like Andrew Luck in the workouts. The Saints have a history of developing quarterbacks, so Im sure theres been a lot of study on Williams. Im just wondering if his past is affecting his performance now. Williams has had his struggles with the same questions on the field and on the film. Will he be able to come in and play effectively right away, or will he have to continue to grow. The Saints have been looking at all the quarterback options for the last few years, so Im curious if they might go with somebody with some inexperience and keep this position all together with Mark Ingram and Tim Hightower. The question I have is, does Williams have experience playing with a veteran quarterback or a veteran backup. He would have to take Drew Brees job and we know that its not going to be an easy situation for him right away. The Saints are very protective of Brees and Id imagine that it would take at least a year for him to get comfortable with Williams. So can Williams be a starter right away. Williams is not the fastest guy out there, but hes physical and can make some throws. Hes better suited to being in a shotgun set where you dont have to worry about keeping him upright. Its been a long time since the Saints had a true backup like that. My guess is if the Saints do decide to trade up, it should be to grab a quarterback high in this draft. The Saints have not had a franchise quarterback since they won their only.

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