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T help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. The next few days consist of you and Hank keeping up on recent news and talking about various things. T let himself get too wound up about the whole scenario. At one point he casually mentions another man he knows was recently involved in a double murder incident in town. Incident, one year ago this month Most of them have been young, white, male and in some cases they were also drunks. Eventually, after weeks of talking, Hank and you both come to the conclusion that this may be for the best. The people in town tend to not just be angry, but also crazy. He mentions how people have been killing random strangers on the street. You say and start packing up what few personal belongings you have. Re just going to leave everything you own in your old house. Ll just go out and start from scratch. I know how much you like to keep up on the latest world news and the latest in pop culture.

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