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Post deleted because it contains copyrighted material. The human condition has always been defined by fear – fear of the dark, the fear of the unknown, the fear of the pain that is forever just out of reach. Post Extras:I just read the first sentence. But Im just wondering if you might be a bit off with your assumptions about me, because. I just saw a video that said that the majority of your work is crap and has no real merit to it. I saw some of it and it is actually pretty good, but there are just so many glaring inconsistencies between parts and what just comes off as a writers laziness that it gives a different impression. I remember reading a few years ago that you were the Father of the Stoned Aneurin Style and now it looks like I was wrong about that. This thread and the subject of your original thread made me think back to your own writing. It took me like a minute or so to wrap my head around how you could write such masterwork for pages and pages and pages with absolutely zero effort involved. Now that Ive put two and two together, and I think I mustve been doing it for years and years. I understand why people find your writing so appealing as it feels to them like it came straight from a well trained monkey. And like it or not the rest of us are monkeys with penises, so even if your writing isnt a true reflection of your true feelings on life, its damned damn close. In the end, Im just wondering to myself if its possible that you have some sort of twisted self-esteem issues that make you put yourself down to get those likes on your writing. I remember you telling me once, on a personal level that you had some deep-seated self-loathing issues that you tried to repress in you old age. If so, you have a hell of a long way to go with that. As far as writing, it took me years to write the Giantess of the Void and I was about to put myself through the same process again this year. If the guy I saw on your blog was your editor, it seems fairly clear that while you didnt have to be a talented writer to craft a good story, you did require a certain ability to craft a good story, and your writers abilities dont seem to be what they used to be. In regards to your Stoned Aneurin, well we all know hes just some guy, and while we all know that you must be a woman, we still.

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