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LONDON, Aug 2, Reuters, – Britain is a small country which is likely to survive the current economic downturn, the International Monetary Fund chief economist said, but it was unclear if it was worth the effort to do so. Im not convinced that the UK is a country thats going to buckle under to this problem, Poul Thomsen said on Tuesday during an interview with Reuters in London. The UK economy is likely to recover at least as fast as the U. Economy and is likely to be bigger than that of Europes crisis zone countries such as Greece if it continues on its current growth path, he said. He said it was a relatively small economy and the United States was the main destination for its goods and services. But the UK would not be able to pursue the same path as its neighbours in the euro zone and that would leave some long-term problems. Im sure the UK will continue to be a small country, but Im not sure thats really a bad thing because I dont sense its going to be a problem for the UK, he said. Thomsen said the UKs future relationship with the European Union had the potential to be as important a decision for the future of the economy as the vote to leave the euro zone two years ago. He said the world economy might not be as bad as it appeared because growth in China was slowing, but the main risk was slower developing countries such as Turkey and Russia taking a larger share of exports to the West. Thomsen said a recent slowdown in China could lead to a more disruptive shift in the world economy away from exports toward domestic demand. China has a large population and this is not an economy thats just going to get to where it is simply on a growth basis, he said. Thomsen said the IMF continued to warn that the global economic recovery, which is in its eighth year, was still fragile. He said the outlook improved, but not by a lot. Reporting By Joseph Radford; Editing by Tom Heneghan, When I first started getting into wrestling, one of the first ways I found to pay tribute to greats like Jim Duggan and Bob Backlund was to get into the old-school ring gear and do my own Duggan on the Stairs gimmick. There is something incredibly timeless about Duggans work as the gruff and tough big man using the big mans body as his own. In the case of the infamous Handsome Dan gimmick, it was also a way for him to get out of being a heel, so he didnt have to be one himself. This was a little more subtle than Backlund, but the two were similar. Of course since Duggan is the more notable performer I did it in.

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