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If the total you paid in month, loan or line1 weekYou think the idea of needing to borrow money from some guy sounds more appealing right now, but still you need to do some digging first. The internet could be the answer to your financial problems. You go to the internetYou decide to go to the internet, but you realize that you dont have much of a choice. You spend the rest of the day looking for a way to pay off your loans faster. You find that you can use a credit card, but theyre expensive, and even if you dont get charged any fees, youre just not sure if you should use the money you have left over for a card every month to pay off your loans. You also look online to see if there is an app that can help you with this problem. You use the Apple Pay appYou figure Apple Pay on your iPhone might be the best option to tap on your iPhones touchscreen in order to buy things from the internet. You go to download the Apple Pay app from the App Store. The app instantly starts to download and you make all of your required payments. It takes a few minutes, but eventually you begin to use Apple Pay and you begin to buy stuff from the internet. However, after about a few minutes of paying through the app, you realize that you havent even gotten out of your car. This is because the payment amount you got for your Apple Pay debit card was almost enough to cover your monthly payment on the car. This means that after Apple Pay used for your purchase, you ended up having to borrow money from a loan shark for the rest of the month. You decide to go to the internet, but you realize that you dont have much of a choice. You go to Google PlayYou look at the Google Play store, and the apps are all free. There is no need to waste time or money, so you decide to download something. You go to Facebook MessengerYou decide to go to Facebook Messenger, as it seems to be an alternative way of communicating with people. You sign in with your Facebook account and see that messaging through the app is free. The only issue is that you have to send a message to a specific friend with the.

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