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Any errorss and results, will result in your cancellations. You start thinking that you should at least go to this, just in case. You get on the Internet and look up the course description, and it actually is pretty vague as the website goes on to say itll be something you can apply for through Brightspace. Still, with how this is all happening in a school setting you can picture how other students can apply. You start to feel a little better about this, that its possible. It doesnt help when the teacher actually gets up and tells the class, I want you to work for real hard on this. And come to class prepared for your final exam. If you think youre just gonna roll through this test like youre skimming a textbook, youre wrong. And with that last bit of advice, the teacher waves you back to your seat. So, you start, what exactly am I supposed to be doing today. That depends, do you know any of the material. Well, what if you could memorize this in your head and learn it like a book. With practice and study, you could get a high score on it. Your mouth opens and closes a few times as you think about the answers to that. If thats the case, thats something that can be passed onto another person. Its a good point, and it definitely explains how you got an 8 on the test rather fast. That might explain why youre still sitting in your seat, and not doing anything to improve your performance on the test. Theres no one to pass this onto, but you can still do something to improve yourself. For starters, I suggest that you go to the library and get a book out of there to read. It might help you in your final effort to get the highest grade out of this test. Then you can still do something to have a better grade. Well, Ive already given you the answer to that, dont worry about that. You look up at him, at this point youre just going to need to do what he says to improve your test score. You know its impossible, but you feel like if you just do something to try and get a high grade, youll at least know that.

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