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You get a lot of interesting information about your program, and then you see an email from your accountant that lists the exam date, times and locations that you are required to attend, and other important information. You also see that you have to send in some information about yourself and your programs progress. You arent happy with the answers you received, but you see that you have about 3 days to get everything. You make up a test schedule and get ready. You get out the materials and get to work. You get all the information together and do some planning, and it is actually coming together. You have finished the outline of the exam and plan is in place. You time to sit for the examYou take a deep breath and close your eyes. You are not going to give up now. You take a deep breath and close your eyes. You can do this, you just have to be strong. You dont look confident or happy, but then you arent in your own office either. You try not to focus on the pain you are feeling in your calves. You wait for another breath and breathe out. You wait for another breath and exhale out. The pain you feel in your body is overwhelming. You inhale and think about everything youve learned this week. The exam will be long, but you are going to be able to make it through, it all comes down to focus. You exhale and think about the rest of your week and the day you left today. You have a lot to do and a lot to learn this week because this is going to be the most important week of your career.

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