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At last you settle down to your work. Now you just have to put it all together. Re already starting to feel faint, you need to stop. Even if you were as strong as you once were. S no longer necessary to stay awake. You stop and fall onto a nearby wooden bench and get some sleep. You then wake up, as you realize it is morning. Re still in the same location, but there is a man standing a few feet behind you. S wearing a black trench coat and holding a pistol in his hand. M a member of the Atomic Scientists, I need to be on guard here, I need to know if any of you are going to start destroying or cheating for fun. Re an organization dedicated to the understanding of atomic science and its applications. T stand a chance against the competition in your game of atomic counter-strike. However, I feel you should be able to win this game. T figured out who the Atomic Scientists are yet, there will be enough time within the next year to do so, for various reasons, we have been keeping secret for a very long time.

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