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Id start off with how that claim isnt going to cut it when were on the offense. Then were going to go back and try to find something that works, but then I think we ought to just concede defeat and just leave. M telling you, we just need to get the evidence. Ll get the proof we need by ourselves, I promise. You just take a deep breath, hold it and then exhale. S no point in you two running off alone. S going to do is prove youre robots, then we can just go back and we can try again. But it seems to me that if you two are going to go that way, then we should be part of it. T know too much about them other than they seem similar to us. Re going to need someone to keep an eye and ear out for danger and such. The woman has a look of concern on her face, but nods. T going to get evidence, at least we can have our old base back. That thing was a waste of resources, we could have used some of that money to put in some defenses for us and our new home. The woman starts to say something, but then you interrupt her.

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