Council tax: The English districts getting best return on bills – where does yours rank?

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Martin Lewis lays out when to expect £150 council tax refund

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The contribution goes towards essential services such as bin collections, road maintenance and the police and fire services. Central Government funding also helps pay for some of these public needs, such as policing and social care.

Researchers at have assessed the quality of tax-funded provision across UK districts.

The results were broken down into categories including tackling crime, education and social care, all scored out of 10.

It looks like out London is the place to be if you want good value for your council tax bill.

Five of the top spots were claimed by parts of the capital, with all of them getting 10 out of 10 for their fire service provision.

Wandsworth got the top ranking, with 7.85, including 8.75 for education and 9.63 for social care.

Wigan came second, with 5.03, including 9.61 for its road maintenance, followed by Windsor & Maidenhead and Westminster.

The other top spots were taken by Bromley, Merton, Bolton, West Berkshire, Kensington & Chelsea, and Trafford.

Researchers used Government data to come up with the figures, with the crime rankings based on the crime rate per 100,000 people.

Schools and care home provision were assessed in line with the percentage of these institutions rated good or outstanding by inspectors.

Another recent study found Westminster has the lowest council tax in the UK, with an average of £866 a year.

Greater London residents enjoy some of the cheapest council tax rates, with an average monthly cost of £136.

Council revenues from parking charges and businesses help keep council tax rates low.

The West Midlands also had particularly low rates, with an annual average bill of £1,633.

Rutland was found to have the highest council tax rate in the UK at £2,195, or an average monthly cost of £183.

The average band D property in the UK has risen by roughly £67 in recent months, adding to the financial burden faced by residents.

Since April, Brits have been receiving a £150 rebate on their council tax to help meet soaring energy costs.

Millions of residents have yet to receive the money, with authorities warning it could take several months before any transactions are made.

One borough council even mistakenly billed households for the money rather than paying it out.

If an individual is eligible for the rebate and has yet to receive it, they can visit their local council’s website or contact them directly.

Councils have until September 30 to pay out the rebate.

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