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You pick up your phone and press some buttons, and a voice on the other end of the line says Hello. Oh, thats right, I was wondering why you called. I was wondering whether I should upgrade my membership. I mean, Im not even sure I like Walmarts any more. I dont think I love them anymore either. Theyve just been a lot trickier to shop at lately. Theyve been shutting down stores that havent been doing too well, especially with their new health code policy. Because you dont want to hurt Walmart. I think its because theres simply not enough of us in this town. In fact, I do feel that theyre trying to squeeze out the competition. I am, but they just added a new card that I dont like, so I stopped being a member. Its like theyre saying theyll make the new card better if I stay. Whats your name, so I can send you this receipt. I suppose its possible that you just had a bad experience with them, but I dont think theyre out to make it difficult for you. Suddenly, you realize what the store manager just said. Wait a minute, arent they trying to squeeze out competition too. Why arent they just a group of members selling to each other like Costco. Well, I havent seen any of those stores in here yet. All Ive noticed is the big, black-and-yellow sign out front,Wait a minute, that sign outside says Stores Closed due to Health Code Violation. Are you saying the store manager just made up some bullshit excuse to keep people from coming in.

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