‘Cost-effective’ ways to renovate kitchens without breaking the bank – ‘great options’

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Phil Spencer shares importance home renovations in 2021

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With the cost of energy, fuel and food on the increase, many homeowners will be putting their renovation plans to one side. However, this doesn’t have to be the case as there are plenty of ways to give homes a refresh without spending a fortune. Looeeze Grossman, founder and CEO of The Used Kitchen Company has shared her “cost effective ways” to renovate a kitchen without breaking the bank exclusively with Express.co.uk.

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Some of Looeeze’s hacks might actually be able to make homeowners a bit of cash in the long term too.

What can homeowners do for free?

Water-saving initiatives are now available to most homeowners for free.

Incorporating extras like aerators on taps can have a massive effect on water bills, with people saving up to 60 percent each year.

Water-saving initiatives along with energy-efficient appliances can save homeowners a lot of cash in the long term.

Looeeze also suggested speaking to a home’s water provider to see if there are discounts available.

Many offer reduced tariffs for those with children in the home or who are on a low income.

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All of those pounds saved stack up and can be added to a kitchen renovation fund.

Reclaim and reuse

The kitchen expert said reclaiming and reusing is not just “cost-effective” but is also the most environmentally friendly way to alter a space.

Buying a second-hand kitchen is a “great option” that can save homeowners “considerably more money” when they’re renovating.

Homeowners don’t just have to save money by purchasing a secondhand kitchen, they could also sell their own to make money back.

She continued: “You can save further by selling your existing kitchen, helping to prevent tonnes of waste going to landfill and keeping the pounds in your pocket.

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“You can pick up an ex-display bargain or a beautiful used kitchen just waiting to be repainted and rehomed.

“The beauty of buying used or ex-display means you also have far more cash left to spend on extras like handles or flooring, helping to create a distinct and designer-inspired space.”

Update appliances

For those who can’t stretch to buying an entirely new kitchen, Looeeze suggested updating appliances instead.

She claimed updating appliances has “multiple advantages” and will mean homeowners “spend less” on energy.

Appliances don’t have to be new to be more efficient.

People often list their almost brand new appliances after they’ve moved house.

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Grab a paint brush

Simply using paint can completely transform a kitchen without breaking the bank.

Those on a tight budget can check the clearance section at their local DIY stores.

Looeeze continued: “There’s often tins of paint for as little as a few pounds that’s either been mixed up to the wrong colour or discontinued.

“Just remember for your doors to look great it’s all about the preparation.

“A thorough clean with sugar soap, a light sanding and a good primer.”

Combine old with new

Mixing the old with the new will create a dramatic update to any kitchen.

An old farmhouse sink or a reclaimed piece of oak used as a worktop will look incredible when mixed with modern pieces.

The kitchen expert said homeowners should never sacrifice using items you love in order to follow decorating rules.

Upcycling items found online or in charity stores or boot sales over buying new not only keeps things out of landfill, it also means homeowners often get far better quality products, especially with wood.

Looeeze added: “With trends like Cluttercore and Cottagecore still rumbling around, and texture and colour firmly on the agenda, you can easily mix different coloured chairs at a vintage table.

“Have mismatched sets of plates and of course, vintage pendants fitted with new energy saving bulbs gives you the best of both worlds.

“Beautiful style with the cost saving advantages of using less energy.”

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