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Risk and UncertaintyRisk and Uncertainty Analysis, RUCA, was developed in the 1970s by economists Paul Romer and Joseph Stiglitz to make economic problems easier to solve, such as figuring out the optimal policy for balancing the budget, or the risk of inflation in the economy, or the impact of foreign policy. RUCA was developed with the premise that it is good to be conservative in your decisions, because uncertainty can make it harder to make correct decisions, and that the optimal policy is to err on the side of taking risks that are risky and uncertain, i. The policy of taking more risks than you shouldThe basic principle of RUCA is:A risk is any chance that an outcome will not be a successAn Uncertainty is the chance that an outcome will be a failureAn Uncertainty is the same in both situationsThe key to this is to understand that there is no such thing as a risk in itself, that is, nothing that will happen is inherently a risk. A persons risk is determined by his or her characteristics, and that is exactly why a persons risk is different in each situation. The Uncertainty of a persons characteristicsRisk is not determined by the risk-taking, but rather by the characteristics of a person. People who are risk-averse are less likely to take risks, while people are risk-seeking. That is, many of them may be in the dark and it may take time for them to find out the answer to a question, RUCAs other principal This may mean that the person does not plan well in advance and may make different decisions. The uncertainty of a person, and the Uncertainty, is not due to his or her character, the risk-taking, but rather to his or her circumstances, the UncertaintyThe Uncertainty of a person can be defined by the Uncertainty Index, UI which gives a probability distribution for the possible outcomes. An Uncertainty Index, UI, is defined by the following formula:UI, A, – p, A B, – p, A 1, B – Choice A or B, 2, A – Characteristic Uncertainty, 3 4, B – Choice Uncertainty, or Uncertainty A, The UI can be written in a more simple way:UI, A, – p, A B – the DecisionThe UI is usually expressed as:.

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