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A company, Corus, has just bought into the television industry. You and your fellow competitors in the game are going to have to do something about the information. You and your fellow fighters head back to Fort Destiny where upon the rest of your team is waiting for you. They all look so disappointed to see you. You were ready for this one of them say and you realize that this is it. I was but I thought you were still my leader you say as you begin your final walk towards the battlements of the fort. No, I am no longer your leader. One of them say and you know that you have hurt him. I did nothing, I just wanted this so badly I took a risk on itAnd that is when the real pain begins. That pain that comes when you realize that you are now in the company of the people you were always angry at. The people you hated for what they did to you. The same people who now take you in their company, and you feel nothing for them. You wish you had been right about them. You wish you could have been right with them. You wish you had been able to find something to have made a better impression on them. You have to stand against themBut you dont know what to fight them with. Your weapons are now metal, and you dont have the courage to fight the people who had abandoned you to go fight the enemy. You look at your fellow fighters, and your heart sinks. You know you could fight, but what would be the point. They are going to kill you anywayThe others look at you with disappointment and disappointment from the others. You look at them with pity, and pity towards their pathetic minds. You take out an old magazine of bullets and take them back to give out to them, but they dont really take it seriously. We need to kill someone one of them say. At last you agree with them and set off to the battlements of the fort. You are the leader of this group and you are here to kill the enemy, but the enemy is now youYou leave the rest of them behind and start running for the walls.

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