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The sun is a star, but it too moves through a system of orbits. This is the subject of Nicolaus Copernicus s heliocentric, sun-centered, model of the solar system. Galileo Galilei s heliocentric model, a modification of Copernicus s sun-centered, model, was published around 1543. Copernicanism is the name given to the astronomical model that placed the sun at the center of the universe, according to which the earth moves through a heliocentric orbit around the sun, at a speed related to the earths rotation about its axis, the suns orbit is not uniform, but is heliocentric, as are all other planets orbitsGalileo Copernicus wrote that the earth moves on through a heliocentric orbit around the sun, but in 1541, another Englishman, John Wallis of Kent, published a heliocentric model in his, The Almagest. Copernicus discovery has been called, the great break in the theory of the suns place in the solar system. The first complete heliocentric model was published in 1563 by Johannes Kepler, though he did not publish his heliocentric model in the exact form Galileo Copernicus had, Keplers model consisted merely of two tables, one of which was called, The motion of the earth in its orbit and the other, The motion of the moon and the other planets in their respective orbits. Keplers model was widely accepted until Copernicus published his Heliocentric model. There are two great differences between the Copernican and Keplerian system. Almagest of 1564The world is very far from being at rest;The earth has been revolving about the sun for thousands of years,The sun as well as the other planets have been revolving around the earth for thousands of years. The Earth has a great many motions The EarthsThe Earth has no motion except around the sun. The EarthsThere is no motion at all of the earth except when it is revolving about other bodies;There is no motion at all of the sun except when it revolves about the earth. There is no motion either of the moon or of the planets except with respect to the sun.

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