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Note: You just need to keep that in mind if this is the first time you hear about that. I dont just mean kilometer, I mean millimeter. Yes, but Im also asking you to use your common sense. Im not going to tell you to use the wrong value. Okay, now the first thing you need to do is make sure you got an accurate scale. You know, so it doesnt bounce or some shit. You need to look for a one-pound scale and not a ten-pound scale. Okay sigh good job so far. Okay, you can use these numbers, but if the difference youre seeing is too much, dont worry about it: just go back to the ruler and add or subtract two and start over. Okay, so for example, a ten-pound scale is 0. 732, so the value that youre seeing would be 471. Okay, so youre going to add 1. 6 to the value of the number and youre going to subtract 472. 6 meters from that number to get your measurement. 8 meters to feet and then multiply the answer by 10 to get the answer. You need to remember this, otherwise the calculator will tell you that youre using a one-pound scale. Okay, now the next step is to take your converted measurement. Youre going to convert it to feet and youre going to multiply that answer by 10 to get inches. 8 meters to feet, and then multiply that answer by 10 to get inches. Okay, you need to remember this, otherwise youre going to give yourself a foot measurement error. Okay so youre going to use a zero-pound scale. Okay, youre going to multiply the answer by 10 to get inches and then subtract 473. 2 feet from that answer to get your measurement. Okay, now the final step is to convert that value to centimeters. You can use this conversion calculator to convert your answer, because its going to give you a number. You dont need to memorize these, because once this is done, its done. Now you can get out of here. Im really sorry about this, because I know you were really excited about getting a job. I have to ask, do you have any job references.

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