Controversial iPhone feature you need to know – but everyone has same reaction

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YOU might want to keep a closer eye over your shoulder next time you're on a computer.

A Tiktoker has revealed a disturbingly precise way someone could quickly copy what's on your screen.

User Bypinkspace showed how an iPhone could be used to steal your work in a snap without evening realising it.

While seemingly done as a joke against a friend doing homework, it raises the alarm to more serious issues – and just how careful we all should be.

"Work smarter not harder," he told more than 45,000 followers on TikTok.

The trick is done using the iPhone's scan text feature in the camera app.

When taking a photo, a yellow frame will appear when text is detected.

You can then tap the scan text icon on the bottom right, and everything will be instantly extracted and turned into a text format.

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It is designed to be a useful everyday shortcut for things like paperwork, saving you the need to type it out manually yourself.

Instead you can scan the document with the camera app and all the hard work is done for you.

But the video demonstrates how it could also be easily abused.

Other device makers such as Samsung have also developed similar intelligent tech in recent years.

So next time you're in a library doing your schoolwork, think again.

The same goes for anyone dealing with sensitive documents in a public place.

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