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You just used up two sticks of quill. You also just used up two of those little metal clips you buy to put your arrows back in the quiver. You try to think of other things to do. A voice calls out to you, Sergeant, come with me. You turn and look, and see a man of average height, but dressed in a shabby robe, kneeling by your side as he speaks. Before you can answer, another man comes up and places a hand on your shoulder. Sergeant, were here to take you to the hospital. Theres nothing to be done, you say simply. The officer turns to go, but you turn your head, interrupting. I think Ill pass, you say, No need to trouble yourself, Im fine. The officer turns back, walks away, and the rest of the crowd starts to walk away. You turn your head to watch as they vanish from your view. I want you to send my men back to their barracks, and Ill lead the way. The officer grunts, and turns, heading towards the door. You are left alone in the room with the officer, who stares up at you with a mixture of surprise and annoyance. You watch as he turns his back to you to go find some drink in the other room. You are left to your own devices, waiting for the sun to go down. The sun is still high in the sky, so you leave your bed to go to the window. The first thing you see is the sun setting in the west, then, slowly and peacefully, it sets in the east. The wind is strong in your hair, the cold biting, your hands are so cold you want to hug someone to you, but no one is there to embrace you. You are alone, and that is what you needed right now. It helped you last night, but you really need to get your mind off things for awhile. You lie down on your cot and stare at.

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