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Re just using you after they took away my assets. You exclaim, slamming your fist on the desk. Sorry about that, but I really think that we need to go ahead and propose to her, because I think this is a good time to start all over again. Ll have a better sense of purpose in life and the potential to love and be loved more. Ve got a lot of money to create a company and be a major force. Ll want to start your own one too. You finish writing your proposal, then go talk with Peter, he seems surprisingly positive. Apparently the other employees are also pretty positive. Sigh, no, but you were probably a bit of a prize anyway. T know how I felt when you walked in here, the whole place instantly felt like it was your home. I mean I could force you to work for me if I wanted. T have your own reasons of course you do. D rather live my life without the constant threat of being forced to work for you than to live my life with the constant threat of never getting to do what I want anyway.

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