Consumer goods are products bought for consumption by the average consumer…

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This definition of goods was used for centuries to describe the products that were produced in factories and sold by the factory owners to the common people. As factories were no longer needed to make the goods that were produced, they were no longer considered goods and they lost their definition. It was also used by the socialists to define the goods that the workers produced in order to make money for the factory owners to buy weapons and other military hardware. In essence, the definition was re-invented by the left to mean the state. Since most of the people dont want guns, the socialists used the definition of goods while the socialists and the state-worshiping intellectuals used the definition of state to mean the military industrial complex. That definition was used by politicians to justify a program of taking away peoples guns, and other problems, under the guise of the war on drugs. In the case of the war on drugs the people are not using drugs, they are criminals. The people dont want guns either, they want guns and they are criminals as well. Therefore, the goods of the state must take away the guns so that the state can protect the people from the criminal people. This has been going on for decades and the people have not stopped it. These definitions were all used to justify what has been done to you. This is the definition that the leftists use to define the good that the state needs to take away from the rest of us. This is the good that must be destroyed by the state of law and order. This is the good that must be eradicated before the evil that needs to be destroyed. Those who actually believe that a man is responsible for the evil of drugs, sex, violence, murder and other sins that are seen as a social ill by the state would be considered right-wing or populist. This is why leftists always want you to be fearful, but if you see what they are planning, you must strike as quickly as you can. THE STATES ENEMIESIf you are a leftist, I assume you are aware of the various enemies of the state that they see as enemies. They do not see the state as the enemy since you are not a leftist. However, they need to attack in order to maintain their control over the people. These enemies of the state consist of the following:1, The ChurchThe church must be destroyed for it is a threat to their power. The church is a threat because it represents the beliefs of the individual.

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