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You buy the bookThank you for choosing Consumer Affair. I have added this book to my online shop for sale. The item is available for delivery by Canada Post mail and can be picked up directly from my home or office. All items are shipped via UPS unless otherwise requested and insured. If you are interested in purchasing any of this book please visit my shop. I also invite you to browse through some of the items I offer. I am always interested in good deals, new customers and happy customers. 99You had to put that in your credit card statement, but you still feel kinda silly for buying it. You think about cancelling your subscription, but you decide to stick with it, because why not. Youre in the business of keeping your customers happy, and you like keeping them happy. ComYou unsubscribe from ConsumerAffair and try to get over it. It takes a few months, but eventually you do. Later, you are at your computer again to see whats going on with your Internet connection. This time, you get an email:I have some bad news. My ISP has cut off my Internet access. So Im starting over on my new Internet service tomorrow and Im calling your number to cancel my subscription to find out why this has happened. Im leaving it for you to pick up the phone and let me know what you think will happen. Sincerely, Consumer CareYou quickly type in your number and get disconnected from your Internet connection. You sit in your chair and close your laptop. Youve lost your website, your email address and a lot of your Facebook contacts. You can only wait for them to get back to you. You waitYoure starting to get pretty nervous now. Youre a little confused, you check Facebook once again, but no one has posted anything yet about whats going on with you or whats going on with your Internet. You wait about twenty minutes and go back to your computer to see whats going on. You see your website has been deleted, along with your email address and phone number. Its like someone took everything away from you. The next day, you post on Facebook I think I lost my Internet connection today. Ill have to wait until tomorrow to know for sure. You think youll post in person as well, but youve lost.

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